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Headlamp Repair and Restoration (Discoloration, Water Seepage, Wiring Issues)


Product Highlights

  • Water Penetration due to worn gasket or seal
  • Water Seepage into Headlamp causing Water Vapor
  • Blurred / Cloudy Headlamp Cover due to long period of Heat Exposure
  • Water Seepage Repair - To solve issue and to prevent future Water Penetration

Note : Price Range : S$180.00 to S$450.00 depending on condition and repair required



Scratch Removal (Before)

Scratch Removal (After)

Water Seepage can be rectified as well

Product Description

Engage our Headlamp Repair and Restoration Service to save cost instead of getting a new one.

Why spend money on a brand new Head Lamp, when you can save cost by getting it repaired.

Along with our Headlamp Restoration, your Headlamp will now look as good as new!