About V-Tec Asia Automotive Pte Ltd

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V-Tec Asia Automotive Pte Ltd is specialized in providing Troubleshooting & Solve all Car Issues for Continental cars.

Long before, we were once inexperienced car owners visiting various workshops, encountering Car issues that can’t be solved.

After encountering each workshops we went to, give us different advices, spending time & money to replace different parts, yet the main root of the issue was not solved as the issue resurface after awhile, we decided & made a choice that we need to have a solution to this problem.

Thus, Our Humble Team emerged, committed to provide Reliable & Accurate Solutions for solving Car Issues down to its roots.

Having a Reliable & Responsible Team of Car Analyzers Trained Professionally with over 15 Years of Experiences.

We also invested heavily on Specialised Equipment and High Level modern & updated Automotive machinery in order to follow closely to the continuous improving Automotive technology.

Therefore, Car owners need not worry about the same car issues resurfacing, here at V-Tec Asia Automotive Pte Ltd, we can Guarantee you a stress-free ride after visiting us.

We want you to experience the BEST, therefore we promise 100% Customer Satisfaction to upload our Credibility, earning us the loyalty of our customers.

With an unrivalled record of excellent performance, V-Tec Asia Automotive Pte Ltd is dedicated to providing an integrated automotive solution designed for all drivers in the highest standards.