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LED Car Door Anti-Collision Warning Flashing Lights


Product Highlights

  • Anti-Collision Prevention
  • Fine Quality Silica Gel, Elastic material
  • Weatherproof 
  • Suitable for door of various models
  • White Lights for better visibility at night 
  • Price inclusive of installation / 1Pc

Product Description

The light bar lights up when the car door is opened, with a strobe effect, to remind the rear to come to the car, to improve safety.

Two-color dynamic streamer decorative lights, show your personality, enjoy a pleasant visual experience.
When the door open, the red light flashes to improve the visibility of passers-by and to reduce accidental collisions.

The bottom of the car light is white lights so that you can see the floor clearly when you get out of the car, avoid stepping on water or trash.

Fine quality silica gel, unheated. Highly elastic material, highlight LED. Fine quality back glue, directly attached to the door, easy to install.

Suitable for door of various models.

Suitable for lighting up the entire car interior, plug, and play. The light bar length is 120cm, perfect for the car body.