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Airforce Air Suspension Control System


AirForce - Air Suspension

After 10 years of experience in the production of static suspension kits, Air Force was founded to develop and distribute air struts in their own name.

The basic idea was, to overcome the disadvantages of coilover kits with Air Force air suspensions.

In the suspension, a height adjustment is combined with the sporty, tight performance of a coilover suspension at the touch of a button.

All suspensions have a thread adjustment, depending on the vehicle and version combined with adjustable support bearings.


  • UNIVERSAL $4,200.00
  • LUXURY $4,900.00
  • GOLD $6,600.00
  • DIAMOND $7,400.00

Product Highlights :

Universal : Raise and lower your car basically, only allow to use the button to adjust ride height in the car. ( with a Mechanical switch)

  • This is a complete kit with the most excellent damping setting to match up properties of pneumatic springs in order to increase the vehicle’s stability, unlike other brands come with non adjustable shock absorbers which causes the vehicle to be bouncy and unstable during cornering. Modifying upper mount, cutting car body or welding the OEM shock to the vehicle is not required when our kit is fitted to the vehicle unlike other brands.
  • Not only is this system allowed to change air pressure, but you can also adjust the maximum and minimum ride height freely to match up the body kit to get the desired ride height, which is one of our products’ features that other brands do not have.
  • This system is designed for easy bolt-on, it is not required to work with the O.E.M shock absorbers
    unlike other brands.
  • This system has 36 levels of adjustable damping, ride height adjustable, including upper mount in
    the fronts and rears. The standard setting of McPherson strut is rubber top mounts, but you can choose to change the Pillowball top mount to have ability for adjusting the camber degree.
  • The top mounts that we have on air suspension will base on our standard setting.
  • Also, a tire pressure gauge can be connected to the air tank to fill your tires; the air pressure in
    the tank is sufficient for the tire pressure gauge.
  • A pneumatic tool can be connected to the air tank as well to clean the exterior of your vehicle, the
    air pressure in the air tank is sufficient for the pneumatic tool.
  • You can adjust the ride height with such ease while in the car. The ride height can be adjusted all
    the time to reach your desired height depending on the load of your vehicle.
  • This kit supplied with a pressure gauge, you can easy to know the ride height in the car, and also adjusting the vehicle ride
    height is allowed when the vehicle is in motion.
  • The adjustment range of ride height is between 100-150mm. (based on different applications)
  • The speed of lowering and raising vehicle ride height is 4-7 seconds only.
  • All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model unless we specify 4WD.


Shock Absorbers, Compressor, Air bag come with One(01) Year Limited Warranty.

We have authorize well-known Factories to manufacture the Components with at least 6 Months of Product Testing.

We are confident on the Quality of our Products, however if there is any defects with the parts, it has to be sent back to our Factory for Rectification works.

Warranty shall not cover in the event of damages due to Floods.