New Vehicle Warranty Package

Extended Warranty

What is a New Car Warranty Package?

A New Car Warranty Package provided to ensure the reliable of the vehicle you are purchasing, in the event of any faults that occur in a motor vehicle during the warranty period.

Should a fault occur during the period, the responsible party warrants to rectify the fault and to bear the costs, including parts and labour.

All brand new cars purchase should be equipped with a Warranty Package regardless being purchase from Authorised Agent (AD) or Parallel Importers (PI).

Car Warranty are usually expressed with a certain number of years and kilometres, with the warranty expiring once either milestone has been reached

What restrictions usually apply under a car warranty?

The most important restriction that applies to a car warranty is that it does not include cosmetic damage or wear and tear that occurs to the car, even during the warranty period.

A car warranty also does not cover:

  • Damage to the car resulting from an accident
  • Damage resulting from misuse of the car
  • Wear and Tear Components that tend to wear out due to usage, such as brake pads and tyres
  • Routine servicing and maintenance.

Guidelines in Choosing your Vehicle Warranty

Getting your Warranty from a Reliable Provider is important in such a way that your Warranty is Honoured, well that’s the whole idea of a Warranty isn’t it?

There are countless of bad experiences from consumers, most of the time when you visit for Warranty Claim, you will be informed by the Workshop that the specific part is considered “Wear and Tear” Component and the Warranty does not cover it.

Consumers will end up paying for the repair fee and naturally they felt cheated and lost confidence with Warranty Packages.

It may be a misconception OR the workshop is trying to pull a quick one on you, either way, it is important to have a better knowledge of your Warranty Coverage, to know when you can enforce your Rights.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find out more about your Warranty Package, you definitely have the Right to know, and if you are not satisfied, you even have a choice to choose your own workshop to cover your Vehicle Warranty, whom you deem reliable and better suits your need.

Important Guideline to take note regarding your Vehicle Warranty:-

  • Make sure you are provide with a proof of Warranty Coverage ( Booklet, Decal etc)
  • Find out the Car Components that are “Covered” and “Not Covered” by the Warranty
  • Read through the Terms and Conditions and make sure you are agreeable
  • A Good Warranty Package should come with Complimentary Towing and Automotive Support




We provide Warranty Packages however we are more selective therefore we don’t mass sell our services.

This way we are able to focus our energy to optimise our Service Level thus maintaining the Highest Standard of Customer Service.

Our Company Prospective of a Warranty is to provide Assurance, not to create Frustration and Dissatisfaction due Service Failure.

 Assurance means Customer service issues must be rectified to deliver an experience in line with our company’s values.

Our Warranty Package allows you to enjoy the following Complimentary Services:-

  • Free 24-Hour Emergency Tow Roadside Tow Assistance
  • Free Servicing Packages
  • Free Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Service
  • Rental Car during Repair Downtime
  • Free Car Tyre Puncture Repair 
  • 0% Consignment Fee when you sell your car
  • Member Discount for Repair Services

We need to make sure consumer understand what they are buying, whether they require it, and if it suits their needs before we sell any Warranty products.