What's your Biggest Fear when purchasing Pre-owned Cars?

1. Unsure of the vehicle past record, whether it is well taken of by its previous owner?
2. Will the vehicle require any Major repairs that will cause you a deep pocket to fix?
3. Has the vehicle met with any major Accident previously?
4. Has the Mileage been tampered?
5. Any error message or fault codes that has been hidden?

Worry no longer, our Automotive Professionals are here to help.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Report will give you a detailed overview consisting of:-
1. Detailed Inspection Checklist (With remarks to take note)
2. Battery Tester Result
3. Specialized Diagnostic Scanner Report (To scan the brain of your vehicle for any Hidden Errors)
4. Remarks on the Faulty/Worn Parts to be replace (You will know the estimated repairs for the car)
5. An Option to Purchase our Extended Warranty up to 5 Years that covers Engine, Gearbox & other major components

At a Reasonable Fee, you will have an additional bargaining power with your car seller to negotiate on the price of the car, as well as a clearer Overview of the vehicle current status.
Inquiry now for a appointment for your Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection.
We wish you the best with your new ride!

Japanese/Korean Car model = S$ 80.00

Continental Car Model = S$ 120.00

Remark: Inspection Check Fee will be refunded during 2nd visit for Servicing and Repair.