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Digital Sound Processor (DSP) Selection


Why Upgrading Your Car Audio System with DSP Is a Good Idea

When it comes to buying the best car audio accessories, you have a lot to choose from. It can no doubt be somewhat overwhelming to know where to start to get the best sound for your vehicle. Many people instantly think of new speakers, subwoofers, and amps. But what about DSPs?

In case you’re unfamiliar with this acronym, DSP stands for digital signal processor. The short and simple answer is that it is a device that will make your music and audio input sound amazing. When you play a song inside a building, it sounds different than a song playing in your car. This is because the acoustics are different, so the music is heard differently. A DSP can be used to smooth out differences in acoustics so your music will sound like you are hearing it in person instead of through a speaker.

A Digital Signal Processor is a device that allows you to manipulate signals from various inputs and allows your speakers to play in a way that they were designed to by cutting out distortion and increasing overall volume.

A DSP might just be the coolest thing you can upgrade in your car to not only increase its value but also amp up your driving enjoyment.

How Does a DSP Improve My In-Car Audio?

No one speaker is capable of putting out a full range of frequencies, so most car audio systems are made up of tweeters (for high frequencies), midrange (for vocals), and woofers/subwoofers (for bass frequencies). We typically dedicate an amplifier channel to each speaker. The DSP is in charge of correctly separating the audio signal and distributing it appropriately to each speaker.

Each speaker is also placed in very different places in a car. The distance between the listener and each speaker varies. A DSP can be used to even out these distances so that it sounds like your music is occupying the whole soundstage of the dashboard.

Most DSPs allow you to save multiple settings, so you can adjust the sound on the fly. This can be useful if you want to have a different sound setup when you have passengers or when you have the top down, for example.


  • ZERO 4 Channel 31-Band Digital Sound Processor DSP $320.00
  • AINAVI P20 Digital Sound Processor DSP $320.00
Product Description
  • 4 Channel 31- Band DSP
  • Bluetooth 5.0 
  • EQ Adjustment via APP
  • Output Power : 4 x 100W
  • Price Inclusive of Installation
  • 6 Months Warranty