DTE Pedalbox+ Throttle Response


  • 4 programs to optimize the accelerator pedal characteristic
  • More than 20 different settings available
  • Incl. memory function, saves the last selected setting
  • PerfecTune feature for individual custom tuning of your vehicle 
  • High-quality design with soft-touch feel
  • Even more precise with the latest DSP technology



DTE Pedalbox+ (New Model)

10% Better Acceleration, Improved Power without changing Torque and Horsepower

– Suitable for all modern cars with E-Throttle
– Works on Automatic or Manual Transmission
– Improved Throttle Response
– No more delays in Acceleration, remove Turbo lag

Made in Germany
*1 Year Product Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defect.

How does the PedalBox+ work?
The PedalBox+ improves the standard response times of the manufacturer’s accelerator pedal. There is an immediate response from the engine with a more sporty feel and no more lag.

The PedalBox+ programs
Using the keypad, four different modes can be selected: City, Sport, Sport+ and Stock. These modes can further be fine-tuned with the Plus and Minus buttons.

PedalBox+: The original from DTE Systems
‘Made in Germany’ means the best possible quality. The ‘ECE’ and ‘CE’ markings are your assurance that the PedalBox+ conforms to international safety standards as well.