• 4 programs to optimize the accelerator pedal characteristic
  • More than 20 different settings available
  • Incl. memory function, saves the last selected setting
  • PerfecTune feature for individual custom tuning of your vehicle 
  • High-quality design with soft-touch feel
  • Even more precise with the latest DSP technology

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How does the PedalBox work?
The PedalBox improves the standard response times of the manufacturer’s accelerator pedal. There is an immediate response from the engine with a more sporty feel and no more lag.

The PedalBox programs
Using the keypad, four different modes can be selected: City, Sport, Sport+ and Stock. These modes can further be fine-tuned with the Plus and Minus buttons.

Installation made simple
Installation only takes a few minutes in a few easy steps. The PedalBox comes pre-programmed and requires no complicated setup procedures, the fun starts NOW!

PerfecTune: Automatic Custom Tuning*
The new feature PerfecTune makes it possible: In just 3 easy steps you can get the right setup, perfectly suited to your car’s accelerator. So precise and easy!

Multi Protocol Technology*
The PedalBox+ with the latest multi protocol technology supports all current vehicles with modern accelerator technology.

PedalBox: The original from DTE Systems
‘Made in Germany’ means the best possible quality. The ‘ECE’ and ‘CE’ markings are your assurance that the PedalBox conforms to international safety standards as well. The PedalBox, the original from DTE Systems.

* This feature is exclusively available for the new PedalBox+