Forget about traditional ECU remaps. Car aficionados are aware that performance tuning is all about safe power. The DTE Pedalbox and Powercontrol Tuning Box are the unbeatable duo – your ride or die. Unleash the potential of your engine performance with the premier diesel tuning chip. A relatively straightforward application through the plug-in connectors, the DTE Pedalbox throttle control signal amplifier, increases throttle response, along with 10% increase in acceleration. It enhances the safety of an overtaking manoeuvre, giving drivers superior control over their vehicles and ensuring the smooth changing of gear. Throughout the gear change cycle, you may maintain power, program and tune your car accelerator signal according to your driving preferences.



With better precision, comes better power. For that added oomph, achieve more economic and fuel efficiency with the DTE Powercontrol Tuning Box – the stage 1 remap optimizing horsepower and torque up to 30%, at the same time reaching up to 15% on fuel savings. The increase in torque not only requires fewer revs and lesser accelerator pressure, it also significantly lowers the level of fuel consumption. With the fine-tuned chip that optimises analog signals and higher fuel efficiency, you will be convinced by an impressive and swift improvement in every speed range that maximises your driving experience.