There are many times whereby after visiting various workshops and getting differing opinions and advice, you are unable to decide whose words to follow. After ending up having to spend on repairs and part replacements, the problem still persists.

This is when our unique specialty comes into play. Our skilled expertise is to micro-inspect and narrow down right to the root of problem. Talk is cheap, therefore visit us and let our actions speak the truth.


Car Fault Code Solution

Car Fault Code Solution Provider

If your Engine Check Light suddenly pops up, what should you do? If the light is blinking, visit your car workshop immediately to assess the problem, as if you continue driving it will lead to more serious car problems. Ever encounter your Engine Check Light shining, and after visiting your workshop, the warning comes back after few days of driving? Many will simply erase the fault code with an OBD scanner – however, if the problem remains unsolved, it will persist and the Engine Check Light will keep showing up after awhile. OBD Scanner only shows fault codes as it is, which is just the first step. It takes skill, knowledge, responsibility and proper testing equipment to trace the causes of these problems and to get the work done. Engine Check Light usually implies problems regarding vacuum leak, mass flow sensor issues, misfiring, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, EVAP, EGR etc.

Common Problems

Tackling Most Common Problems

Ever face noise / sounds from your engine / undercarriage, and were unable to find a qualified professional to track the source of noise? Struggling with the noise irritation, do you worry that this may lead to more serious engine problems? Stop fretting – a car is just like our human body system. Whenever any problems are about to arise, there will always be tell-tale signs or noises that hint us beforehand that the system is unwell. Our friendly professionals will advice you with precise and detailed explanations on how to solve these underlying problems.